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Unitech Co., Ltd.

U&I Tech CO.,LTD

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UNITECH Co.,Ltd., a value creating company, has developed TPOWER Product, It is helpful for prevention of Dry eye,VDT Syndrome and Headache and used the bio optical technology, for the first time in the world. TPOWER has been launched in the domestic and overseas markets upon complete development on the 22nd of August 2008.

Since its incorporation in July 1999, the Company has been, and will continue to be a company that contributes to health and happiness of the mankind with its excellent products utilizing bio optical and IT technologies.

We shall do our best to grow together with our partners and customers.



1999 -July 1st Founded u&iTech Co., Ltd.

2006 -Aug. 1st Registered as partnership company of LG electronics Co., Ltd.

2008 -Aug. 22nd Finished developing T★POWER U, T★POWER M

2009 -Jun. 1st Finished human clinical trial (phenol red & TBUT TEST) related to                             T★POWER U dry eye with Ph.D, Jeong Ju-Hyun team of Optometry                             department in Konyang University

-July 15st Concluded sales contract on T★POWER U with Davich Optical Chain Store

-Aug. 26th Concluded T★POWER U authorized product contract with Korea e-sports                     association (KeSPA) 

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